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Mr Hoon Baik from Korea

April 17, 2015 - 2:59 am
Mr hoon baik enjoyed custom tour with our professional tour assistant mr agus. start from hard rock hotel go to kintamani and ubud.

City tour to Pandawa Beach

April 17, 2015 - 2:30 am
Our city tour to pandawa beach

Custom Tour

September 13, 2014 - 7:13 am
Time to time,,,kintamani remain our customer's favorite road...go full throttle!!

Leonardo (Italy)

July 15, 2014 - 7:08 am
Mr leonardo enjoyed custom tour from seminyak, pandawa beach (secret beach), lunch at el kabron, and see a sun set at blue point,,,,,

Mr Ben Milburn (Australia)

May 13, 2014 - 7:07 am
Mr ben milburn ride black softail and enjoyed north bali for few days,,,,

Nicky (Germany)

May 12, 2014 - 11:33 pm
Happy birthday nicky,,,, wish you all the best,,, enjoy our bali with harley davidson

Mr Marco

April 7, 2014 - 12:22 pm
Mr marco enjoyed the bali eagle bikers tour


March 15, 2014 - 10:24 am
Our freinds from malaysia,,,,technical meeting before ride,,,,

Mr Trevor French Vernocchi from Adelaide

February 23, 2014 - 6:58 am
Mr trevor french vernocchi from adelaide welcome to bali

Mr Yogie Trihartanto from Jakarta

February 23, 2014 - 6:49 am
Mr yogie trihartanto from jakarta enjoy harley davidson tour with bali eagle bikers